Remember when we had glass growlers?

As you know, we offer our beer to-go in Crowlers and have have been mostly phasing out 750ml glass swing-tops and have 86’d 64oz glass growlers entirely. Since switching to Crowlers, we’ve been crediting tabs or refunding deposits on the glass when empties are returned. We will be phasing that out, too.

PSA: You have between now and Sunday, March 11th to return your Barrel Theory glass growlers to receive refund/credit on the glass deposit. After March 11th, we will no longer take back glass growlers and refund the deposit. We may occasionally fill 750ml swing-tops but beer pricing will no longer have a separate deposit.

Looking to collect the elusive 64oz Barrel Theory growler? IF we get some returned, we will happily sell them to interested parties.

Please let us know if you have any questions and thanks for your continued support!

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