This is something we are asked frequently, and although we will be producing our share of barrel-aged beer, there is more to it than that.

Our name is derived from Liebig’s Law of the Minimum which explains that the capacity of a barrel is always limited by its shortest stave. Picture a barrel on standing upright with varying stave lengths, the content that the barrel can hold isn’t determined by the taller staves, but by its shortest.

At Barrel Theory, we don’t define our brand by our best-selling or most successful product, but by the overall quality of our beers and customer service. Our quality-control philosophy is simple: If the beer isn’t something we are proud of, we won’t serve it to you.

Barrel Theory’s founders Brett Splinter, Timmy Johnson, and Todd Tibesar bring years of combined industry experience and knowledge. There’s an understanding among the owners that it is a team effort to run a successful brewing operation that produces real quality and that no one channel of the business can reach a high level of success without the others.

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