An update regarding Barrel Aged Ice Cream Social bottles…

After sending several of our bottles out for professional lab testing, it has been determined that re-fermentation was not the issue with the bottled beer, as lab results showed no residual yeast present. The issue was determined to be the result of an excess of fibrous material in the beer (freeze dried strawberry particulates) which then caused some instances of CO2 nucleation when opened at room temperature…also known as gushing.

So, we will release bottles of Barrel Aged Ice Cream Social on our anniversary, Saturday, June 22nd, with one very important caveat—please properly chill this beer prior to opening.

As we mentioned before, the beer tastes awesome with absolutely no off-flavors. Thank you so much for your understanding. Once again, our focus and goal at Barrel Theory is providing quality products and customer experience and we will continue to align with this philosophy always.


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